Final Weeks in New Zealand

I have two more weeks in New Zealand before returning to the United States. I am sad and excited at the same time, New Zealand has treated me oh so well and I have made friends who are like family here. But I have been away from home for a long time, and I am ready to be back.

All that said, the past couple weeks have been nothing less that wonderful. I have gone saltwater flyfishing in Bowentown which was perhaps the most amazing experience of my life. Not only did I get to fish for Kahawai, a native New Zealand fish traditionally eaten by Maori people, but I saw Orca whales for the first time!

A Huge thank you to Dick, Bronwyn and Kyle for taking me out on the boat and teaching me to saltwater fly fish. I will be back for more, there is nothing more certain than that.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go out fishing with a local Maori man named Tom. Tom told me all about how the Maori people were affected by the introduction of trout. He says the Maori people in Taupo were excited about the introduction of trout because they were a bigger fish and more food. I was surprised to hear this, but it made me happy to know that at least in this community, the introduction of trout was looked at as a good thing. He did add however that they were a bit resentful that the trout killed off the native Koaro fish which were eaten frequently by the Maori.

I look forward to sharing more of my learnings when I return to the United States. For now I will continue fishing here and start packing up for my journey home.

As always thank you eternally for your support, lots of love to whomever may read this.