Life in Waitahanui

I have been living in Waitahanui/Taupo for three weeks now. I have a beautiful pace of life here, with time to read, fly fish, and connect with others.


Since being here, I have encountered a man by the name Didymo Dave on multiple occasions. Didymo Dave, named after the invasive species Didymo, works incredibly hard to rid the Taupo area of pests such as weeds and vermin. It is important to remember the only native land mammal to New Zealand is the bat, everything else is introduced. And on top of all the introduced mammals, the introduced plants go more unseen. Didymo, hornwort, and blackberry are just a few of these invasive species.

Today I set off with Didymo Dave to clear some traps of rats and chop down some blackberry bushes that were taking over native brush. Along the way I learned much of the history of Taupo and the incredible injustices that were brought to the Maori people. It was a very educational day for me, and Didymo Dave and I made plans to get together again and rid some islands in the river of invasive species. I am excited for more learning to come!