Notes from the road

This trip has been both miserable and magical and I wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world. Bike packing with all my camping supplies and fishing gear has been a bit tough, I was not as light weight as I wished and to be completely honest it was a pain to have so much gear, but i know it will be worth it when I catch my first fish.

Going up to the north island has been a great decision for me. There is so much more Maori culture and I’ve been learning a lot about their folklore and connection to the land. I have decided to settle for my last month and a bit in the town of Taupo. Here I have met fisher(wo)man who are stewards to the land. I have met unique inspirational characters I am so excited to learn from in the coming weeks!

But getting to taupo was tough at times. I am so thankful for all the people I have met along my journey! I have met the most downright wonderful humans who have housed me and fed me and pushed me on my bike when I was too tired to pedal on my own! The world is truly filled with good people.

Here are some photos from my journey up north as well as some of my first few days of fishing.

Some photos from my bike trip from Wanaka to Taupo!

Some photos from my first few days fishing in taupo! This place is downright amazing! There is so much Maori culture and love for fish. I feel right at home! Lots of love to everyone, more coming soon!!