New Zealand Update

I have not been keeping up with my every other week blog post and I apologize for that. I have been busy trekking up mountains, fly fishing backcountry rivers, and speaking with passionate folk who care an awful lot about the environment. I have found myself very interested in studying invasive species and looking at human impacts on the environment around me.

Here is a little recap of some of what I’ve been up to in New Zealand.

First and Foremost, Fishing! I have finally found some good fishing holes where I can find massive trout jumping out of the water. I haven’t caught the big ones yet, but I am excited to continue fishing and hope to get the big one soon.

I also have had time to do some amazing treks. The Kepler track and The Routeburn Track off Fiordland National Park in Southern New Zealand. Along the way I have met amazing folk who are doing everything in their power to save New Zealand’s pristine environments and restore its natural beauty before invasive species plagued the land. I spoke with everyone from geneticist protecting the Kakapo flightless parrot to Maori men restoring Abalone shells in Milford Sound.  

Lastly, I have had the opportunity to speak with people from the DOC (Department of Conservation) on their efforts to rid the land of invasive species and implement changes in the way salmon farms work in New Zealand to mitigate some of the negative impacts of such farming. I have also become infatuated by the endangered native Long fin eel that swims along the rivers and lakes that I fish. I will be posting an interview shortly with Dr Don Jellyman, an expert on the long fin eel. 

Thank you all for the endless support. I have only a little over two months left on this journey and I will try to write more and keep all you lovely people involved in my adventure. Lots of Love!