First Week Of Fishing

Hallelujah! The fishing here in Patagonia has begun!

This week I visited the small town of Bertrand and fished the Rio Baker. I got a mix of weather but was down right delighted to be casting my line and reeling in some of the biggest trout I have ever seen. I did not take many photos, but don’t worry I will be back in no time.

I had the opportunity to fish with a fly fishing guide named Nico, his girlfriend Caroline, and some of their friends. We fished, roasted meat on a fire, and drank matte to warm up. There was lots of winds and that must be the closest thing to a complaint I have about my visit.

The color of this river is addicting to look at and once again Patagonia has brought me to tears with its beauty. I feel so thankful to have found the little community of Bertrand with wonderful people who took me into their warm homes, gave me a place to shower, fed me and took me on a gorgeous hike. There is beauty, so much beauty, in the world.

Tomorrow I am headed to work with a scientist from Oregon State University in Rio Puelo which is to the north. The weather looks quite pessimistic, but I am hoping for some sunshine to poke through!

Also, I just found out how to enable commenting on this blog. I would love to hear what you have to say, leave a comment below!